Cara is devoted to making yoga and meditation practices accessible for kids, teens, adults, families and educators.  Her individual and group instruction is rooted in supporting her clients to  develop trust in the stability, clarity and peace that are  innately within us all.

She specializes in supporting youth with anxiety, autism, and learning challenges.  She also collaborates regularly with registered clinical counsellors, school teachers and learning consultants to support her clients and their families. 

Cara graduated with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. For many years she taught elementary students in collaborative teaching environments. In the classroom she began to regularly incorporate holistic healing practices with a focus on the mind and body connection. This led her to deepen her studies in mindfulness and start a private practice.

She is a graduate of the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga, where she is certified in classical Ashtanga and Hatha yoga systems. She is a lifelong student of meditation, and is currently studying to become an advanced teacher of therapeutic yoga and a certified yoga therapist. She is also accredited with a British Columbia Teaching Certificate to support her work in the school district.

She teaches yoga & meditation at a variety of schools in Victoria. As well, she designs and delivers personalized curriculum, hosts in-school workshops for students and educators, and has delivered presentations provincially, nationally and internationally on mindfulness strategies, compassion practices and somatic awareness. 

With the support of her growing client base, Cara has established the annual Enlighten Educator Scholarship to provide funding for school teachers to access courses in mindfulness and self-care practices.

Learn more about Cara’s work in our community here.


  • Private and semi-private yoga and meditation classes

  • Group Hatha yoga classes

  • Group meditation sessions

  • Yoga and meditation for youth

  • Yoga and meditation for youth and parent