The Tall Tree Philosophy



people, health, community

Heart fuels our pursuit towards mastery. We listen, empathize, and work with each patient as a friend.

Clinical Excellence

We push the limits of best practices.

We insist on growing as clinicians through reflective practice, ongoing education, and a constant eye on emerging research and literature.


We passionately love what we do.

There's a clinic mandate here to have fun at work. Rain or shine, we're always smiling, and we try our best to ensure our clients do too.


Our Vision

Our Mission

To be a family of professional colleagues who are endlessly enthusiastic, exceptionally knowledgable, and relentlessly caring about our patients and our work. To be smiling and laughing often. To be improving constantly. To be an inspiring example of better healthcare.

To enhance the health and lives of our patients by providing exceptional care. To spark positivity in our communities. To foster a team of exceptional and enthusiastic professionals. To have fun while we do it. To plant a million trees.

We Care

We find a great deal of meaning and purpose in our work helping people. We go a step further and help our community too. Our signature charitable works project is called “Short Sprouts” which is a program where we plant a tree for every appointment that happens at Tall Tree. We have partnered with Shakti Trees to find unique opportunities to plant trees on land that would not otherwise be planted. Our present year is on track for us to plant over 40,000 trees! We also support local sports teams, a variety of not-for-profit organizations, and many other important local causes.


Our Team

We start by hiring the best. Then we train them even more.

Tall Tree has a singular education culture which includes monthly participation in conferences, summits, lectures, and tirelessly keeping up to date on the latest evidence. We teach and mentor students and colleagues locally and around North America. We’ve partnered with thought leaders and educators around the world and host 6-12 multi-day courses in BC every year. Our staff room is littered with the latest articles and evidence summaries, and our lunchroom conversations are all too often friendly debates on the minutiae of health sciences and complex patient cases.

In short, we’re a bunch of health nerds.

Acupuncturists | Chiropractors | Kinesiologists | Massage Therapists | Naturopathic Physicians | Physiotherapists | Occupational Therapists | Yoga Instructors

This place seems to attract the best. Fantastic like-minded professionals who are at the top of their game. Great front desk service and a beautiful modern building. I’ve been to a lot of physiotherapy places in town and Tall Tree is the best.
— Michael St. Claire
Tall Tree saved my health. The whole place is magical to me. The front staff are the best for making you feel welcome and comfortable. They always have a smile and a kind word. I can’t thank all of them enough for what they’ve given back to me. MY LIFE.

Thank you Bradley Jawl for opening up this facility and hiring the most brilliant people you could ever hope to have found.
— Llynda P., Cordova Bay