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We host yoga, meditation, and fitness classes in our bright, beautiful studio.

  • The best clinic and therapists in Victoria. By far.
    — Gabriel H., Victoria
  • Best of all...Tank: The Designated Office Greeter (D.O.G.)! He adds that special touch.
    — Sandy P.
  • From the welcome I receive as soon as I come in from the front desk, to Obi the DOG, to Steve's excellent care in physio, to Kevin's massage therapy and yoga, I am set up for success. Thank you for having an amazing team of knowledgeable and caring people.
    — Veronica Forsman
  • Marita you saved my life….. you truly are the Wonder Woman.
    — Glenn R.

I feel the Tall Tree staff are a very cohesive team who care very much for their clients. I won’t hesitate to recommend this clinic and these practitioners to anyone with health concerns, as well as anyone seeking optimal health and wellness!
— Heather G.

Everyone here is passionate about what they do and very professional at how they do it. These are happy, healthy people who clearly like coming to work, working with each other and genuinely want to help their clients.”
— Sher A.