Tall Tree Concussion Program is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary program which provides assessment, treatment and education for youth and adults who have sustained a concussion injury.  We take a rehabilitative approach to concussion and our team includes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Kinesiology.  We also draw on our community partners in Medicine and Neuropsychology when more help is needed.

Our mission: Make concussion recovery faster, safer, and more complete.

what to expect:

1 hour ASSESSMENT ($120)

Comprehensive review of all domains commonly affected by concussion including: physiological, cognitive, vestibular, visual and psycho-emotional. 

TREATMENT (visit times vary)

Treatment is tailored specifically for each patient to address all necessary areas so that you can get back to sports, work, school and life.  The core treatment team includes an OT, PT, Kinesiologist and Clinical Counsellor.


We also provide high-quality education to patients, families, coaches, teachers and other community members so that we can all best support people in need of help after concussion.

MORE about Tall Tree Concussion program

  • We help youth, adults and older adults after concussion (or suspected concussion) of any source (including sports, motor vehicle incidents, falls, workplace injuries or violence).

  • We strive to help you get better faster and more efficiently.

  • Rest is not always best. We help you manage with an active approach.

  • Symptoms after concussion are not usually permanent and good help is available.

  • Tall Tree has the people and the tools to give you all the services you need in one place. No need to travel between multiple providers and specialists.

  • We will work closely with your family doctor. If you don’t have a doctor we will help find you one.

  • We will provide detailed and comprehensive assessment and treatment of all the symptoms that you’re dealing with including physical, cognitive, and emotional.

  • Your recovery will be assessed regularly and adapted as needed. We are not in the business of over-treating.

  • We will help you to decide when it is best to go back to school, work or play and how to do so in the safest and quickest way possible.

  • We have a fun, comfortable clinic environment that sets a positive tone for your recovery.