The Tall Tree Philosophy



people, health, community

Heart fuels our pursuit towards mastery. We listen, empathize, and work with each patient as a friend.

Clinical Excellence

We push the limits of best practices.

We insist on growing as clinicians through reflective practice, ongoing education, and a constant eye on emerging research and literature.


We passionately love what we do.

There's a clinic mandate here to have fun at work. Rain or shine, we're always smiling, and we try our best to ensure our clients do too.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be a family of professional colleagues who are endlessly enthusiastic, exceptionally knowledgable, and relentlessly caring about our patients and our work. To be smiling and laughing often. To be improving constantly. To be an inspiring example of better healthcare.

To enhance the health and lives of our patients by providing exceptional care. To spark positivity in our communities. To foster a team of exceptional and enthusiastic professionals. To have fun while we do it. To plant a million trees.


The services we will offer:


Location: 555 Superior Street, James Bay, Victoria.


Parking: street parking and underground parking available.
Booking: we will start taking appointments on January 15, 2020.


Once we open up, come on over, say hi and pick up a free gift. We can’t wait to meet you.

Call (250) 658 9222 to learn more about our new clinic!

Our Vision for the Clinic

Tall Tree was born out of a vision of what health care could be. The team, the facility, the culture, and our shared values are focused wholeheartedly on exceptional patient care.

We’re committed to develop a team and facilities to deliver ideal care. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of care in every area of health, rehabilitation and fitness. We have the breadth of expertise to always match patients with the perfect clinician for their issue.

Our Concussion, ICBC, and Weight Loss programming are prime examples of our unique ability to offer an integrated approach to care to solve complex issues and deliver on exceptional team-based healthcare.

Join your friends, family, and community in discovering our exceptional healthcare team.


Short Sprouts logo-01.png

Short Sprouts

We plant a tree for every appointment at Tall Tree. In the 2019-2020 season, we’ll be planting 40,000 native species of tree at various locations around BC. If you’d like to get involved by way of a donation, please let us know. 1$ is all it takes to plant a tree!

Read more about our Short Sprouts program here.