Through Kevin’s gentle yet direct approach, I felt deeply supported to delve deeper into my regular practice and was reminded that we are all beginners.
— Kathy
I am grateful to have Cara’s class to look forward to each week!
She creates a very warm and welcome feeling in the class and offers so much insight and knowledge to the class. Completing a class always leaves me feeling, balanced and strong both physically and emotionally! I truly appreciate all she offers!
— Leslie


Monday Therapeutic at 8:00am – May 13– June 17 = 5 classes (no class May 20th-Victoria Day Stat)

Tuesday Hatha at 5:30pm –May 14- June 18 = 5 classes (no class May 21 Kevin away)

Thursday Hatha at 8:00am – May 16- June 20 = 6 classes

Friday Therapeutic at 8:00am –May 17 to June 21 = 6 classes


Monday Hatha at 6:30pm -May 13– June 17 = 5 classes (no class May 20th-Victoria Day Stat)

Wednesday Hatha at 8:00am –May 15- June 19 = 6 classes

Wednesday Hatha at 6:30pm– May 15- June 19 = 6 classes

Hatha Yoga

Open to everyone, these yoga classes are designed to provide movements and yoga poses accessible to all levels. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or are looking to try a new, relaxing form of movement, you will discover the benefits of these practices and yoga poses. 


These 75 minute yoga classes are limited to 10 people, which allows focused and individual instruction. 

In these classes, yoga poses are adapted to your body's specific needs. In small groups, therapeutic yoga instructors will consider your specific condition and limitations, and create a sequence of postures that are not only within your ability, but actually help to lessen symptoms or even heal your affliction. Includes: Gentle Hatha, Body and Brain, and Stretch and Strength. This is an excellent opportunity to try yoga for beginners

Private Therapeutic Yoga

A private therapeutic yoga session is appropriate for the individual who is unable to get to scheduled yoga classes, or requires extra support.

The class will address any specific physical issue that challenges the patient and will offer strategies and yoga poses to remediate problem areas. The goal of these yoga classes is to provide the individual with do-able solutions, which will leave the client with a clearer understanding of their body mechanics, problem areas and approaches for continued individual work.

These yoga classes can be done in the comfort of one's home or at our yoga studio; and yoga props are all provided. When the hour is over, the client will have the tools and know-how to continue to do some exercises and poses on their own. 


  • Hatha yoga 6 week session (75 min classes): $110 + tax

  • Therapeutic 6 week session (75 min classes): $120 + tax

  • Private yoga or meditation class (60 minute class): $110 + tax, $10 for each additional participant

  • Yoga or meditation for youth (60 minute class): $110 + tax, $10 for each additional participant

  • Yoga or meditation for youth and parent: $120 + tax

  • 30 minute meditation class: $66.15 + tax