Testimonials for Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre

Tall Tree saved my health. The whole place is magical to me. The front of office staff is the best for making you feel welcome and comfortable. They always have a smile and a kind word.  I can’t thank all of them enough for what they have given back to me. MY LIFE. Oh, but I must not forget Tank and Obi, the wonderful dogs on staff. They help in their own way too. Thank you Bradley Jawl for opening up this facility and hiring the most brilliant people you could ever hope to have found.
— Llynda Pearce

"To the staff at Tall Tree:

Since April 2016, I have made frequent visits to Tall Tree for treatment of a serious injury.  At all times, the staff have been welcoming and kind.  I have received professional and compassionate care in a beautiful building with natural surroundings.  There were also pool therapy sessions.  All the therapists ensured the sessions were fun and effective.  

Best of all- Tank. The Designated Office Greeter (D.O.G.) He adds that special touch."

-Sandy Price


"Everyone at Tall Tree makes you feel cared for and taken care of. It's a family of people and practitioners that are working hard and passionately to ensure a happy and healthy life. From the welcome I receive as soon as I come in from the front desk, Obi and the team, to Steve's excellent care in physio, to Kevin's massage therapy and yoga, I am set up for success. Thank you Brad for having an amazing team of knowledgeable and caring people."

-Veronica Forsman



"I should have gone months earlier! I had put off getting an adjustment for nearly a year - suffering with back pain which totally limited my activity level. I finally decided to try out the new place in the neighbourhood and it was the best thing I could have done. My first appmt was a full hour and I walked out of there feeling GREAT and able to move freely after my 1st visit! Great team of professionals. They even have evening appointments!"


-Lisa Palfrey

"Kevin Matthews has a true gift of holding space for others while sharing the theory and essence behind a regular meditation practice. Through his gentle yet direct approach, I felt deeply supported to delve deeper into my regular practice and was reminded that we are all beginners. His vast knowledge and ability to share made it obvious that Kevin has been studying meditation for many years and most importantly he has embodied this sacred practice into his daily life. I will forever be grateful for the guidance his series provided and will always cherish the life-changing awareness he shared of oneness, self-compassion and our basic goodness."

-Cara Calibaba

"Chelsea Frenkel; a highly trained RMT, has done for me what no other RMT; nor treatment, was able to accomplish. She has; with on-going treatments, eliminated my lower back pain, and has caused my torn rotator cuff to heal. As part of my on-going health care, I shall continue to utilize her professional and dedicated expertise."

-Rob D Foley




"Tall Tree is without question the best clinic in town. I went in for Physiotherapy twice (for my back and for my shoulder). I’m an athlete and have been to a bunch of Physios and have to say that these guys are on the top of the game for sure. Real nice place too, and GREAT customer service. Can’t recommend Tall Tree highly enough. :)"

- Alexis Duval

"I arrived on Vancouver Island April 2016 and soon discovered that during the move I had hurt my lower back.  My next door neighbour recommended that I see Dr. Benn Drysdale, a new breed of chiropractor who focus on muscles and doesn't just “crack” you, at Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre. 

Although I did not go to find relief from my concussion issues and had made no mention of this condition before his treatment, when I got off the table I noticed that my head was clearer.  It was only on the next visit that I revealed my concussion issues to Dr. Drysdale. 

Since Benn has been treating me, my back is fine and I have not had a major headache since my first visit.  My sound and light issues have also improved significantly. 

If you are someone who has concussion and back issues, I highly recommend that you see Benn Drysdale for relief.  I find everyone at the Tall Tree clinic to be professional, compassionate caring people including the owner and his huge beautiful dog."

-Ken Priestly

"I would like to start off by saying I have seen over 15 different physiotherapists for my issues and Brad Jawl is by far the most compassionate, knowledgeable, and competent physiotherapist that I know. He truly listens to everything I have to say in a very professional manner and spends the appropriate time with his patients. At Tall Tree, the clinic owned and run by Brad, he has the respect of all his colleagues, students, and patients. Brad is a leader, a pioneer in the field of physiotherapy and is always working hard to make things better for his staff and patients. For instance, he is dedicated to having as many specialties as he can at his clinic, thus providing holistic care, probably the most holistic in Victoria. He also is setting up new programs and exercise classes on a regular basis. His office is filled with a portfolio of medical journals and he thoughtfully sends me (I'm a Medical Student at UVIC) and other patients research studies on a regular basis. Brad is always learning, always keeping up to date with the latest technology or techniques. That is why he is able to provide the best care. He has so many tools to work with because he works so hard to make sure he knows as much as possible. I have never felt rushed or pressured to leave. Brad will always treat everyone with respect and finish what needs to be done so that his patients leave feeling much better as a result of the encounter. I couldn't think of anyone better."

-Zaak Jiwa

"The practitioners at Tall Tree Integrated health clinic are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Their evidence based practice is refreshing and focused on providing optimal rehabilitation and care for the patient. The clinical space is newly renovated and very welcoming. It was a pleasure getting physiotherapy treatment there and I would definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues."

-Aidan Kershaw-Weih

"I have chronic pain issues and just before discovering Bruce I was about to give up on massage therapy completely as it did not seem to have any benefit.  Over the past 8 years that Bruce has been treating me he has helped me immensely. Bruce has the rare ability to individualize massage treatments based on the questions he asks at the beginning of each session, taking the time to listen to what you say. He also has a professional approach that leaves you feeling comfortable and well taken care of. He is an excellent massage therapist who genuinely wants to work with you to improve your quality of life."

-Angeli M


"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Curtis Tait! I'd been getting physiotherapy at another organization for a biking injury and after many visits, had not made much progress. A friend recommended that I see Curtis and I'm so glad I did!"

He is knowledgeable, patient, thorough and caring and after a few visits and trying the exercises he recommended, I started to see progress. I went for a few more visits and continued with the exercises and made constant steady progress which brought me to the point I'm at today - being able to work out at the level I was at before my biking injury!

I really like that Curtis focuses on giving the patient exercises they can do on their own instead of just relying on treating the patient during the visit. I also appreciate that he videos the patient doing the exercise while he talks them through it! In the past I've had many exercises from physiotherapists that were either "stick men" figures or drawings but it's hard to remember how to do the actual exercise with these. Having the videos really helped. I also appreciated that Curtis had me run through my workout at the Panorama gym to see how it could be altered to help with my progress. Then he provided an outline of how to increase my workout incrementally. Also he followed up after visits via email to see how I was progressing and if I had any questions.

All of these things add up to one amazing physiotherapist! I've recommended Curtis to a friend looking for a physiotherapist and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He's the best!"

-With gratitude, Shannon Asdal

"I have been going to Kevin Matthews for massage therapy for over 12 years, so when he joined the Tall Tree group I was very happy to continue see him in this beautiful setting. I am very happy that I did! The whole experience at Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre has been very positive for me. I have been lucky to have had treatment from Lucy Mei Lee and Dr Marita Schauch as well as Kevin Matthews, and each health care provider has been very thorough, caring and their treatment very effective. As a dental hygienist for 22 years, I had a lot of chronic back and neck pain, which has been helped greatly with massage therapy and acupuncture. The front desk staff are very efficient and personable, and I appreciate the Hatha yoga classes offered. I feel the Tall Tree group is a very cohesive team who care very much for their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic and these practitioners to anyone with health concerns, as well as anyone seeking optimal health and wellness!"

-Heather G

"I have been going to Lucy for acupuncture treatments for chronic knee pain as well as other issues over the past six years.  Acupuncture offers a very different approach to healing than western treatments which I have found to be extremely helpful. Lucy is very professional, knowledgeable and a good listener.  Although I was apprehensive at first visit, I feel very comfortable and confident in her delivery of the needles.  I often drift off into a state of calm during my acupuncture sessions and always feel more energized and relaxed with less pain when I leave.  I appreciate the fact that Lucy keeps herself updated in her field of practice through continuing education. I would not hesitate to recommend her."

-Mel Spotswood

"I’ve been seeing Curtis Tait for several sports related injuries (lower back, knee, IT band) over the past year or two. I’ve had nothing but great care. Curtis pays attention to detail, sticks to the goals of the patient and follows up in-between visits. I have learned how to manage pain at home and strengthen my weak links using techniques and every items I already had, no need to purchase expensive gear. I have been able to continue to workout and achieve my fitness goals in large part because of Curtis’ help. I would recommend him to my friend and family (and anyone reading this)."

— Eric

“Marita recommended Kinesiologist, Jeremy Cote to design me an exercise program for overall strengthening of bones to halt osteoporosis.   For over 2 years now, I have attended a weekly class with Jeremy and my strength continues to get better and better.  Jeremy changes the routines, so it is never boring and he always makes it fun.

Jeremy and his colleague, Physiotherapist Curtis Tait have partnered to work with me on increasing motion in my shoulder, a result of a break I had a few years ago.  Recently, just prior to leaving for a lengthy hike in Ireland, I developed soreness/pain in my Achilles heel.  They worked their magic with physio and stretching exercises and I had no problems completed the hike.

Laura and the folks at the front make each and every person feel so welcome.  They are always friendly, respectful and helpful.  And then there are the Designated Official Greeters, Obi and Tank who are really good at their jobs!

I spend quite a bit of time at Tall Tree and observe that all of team are passionate about what they do and very professional at how they do it.  These are happy, healthy people who clearly like coming to work, working with each other and genuinely want to help their clients.  Credit must go to Brad Jawl for his vision and for creating the right environment with the right people.  I highly recommend Tall Tree Integrated Health Centre."

-Sher A

"Thrilled with Jeremy's and Steve's commitment and knowledge. Everyone working there are fabulous. I feel just delighted with all aspects. A few visits now and I'm on my way to better health. An awesome team!"

-Glenda Perry



"Big shout out to Steve for his physio magic, you will be happy to hear, just got my ultrasound results, no tear only inflammation."

-Bohdan Jarisz

"I have gone to a bunch of different physio places only to spend hundreds of dollars only to be hooked up to a machine and left to percolate. Tall tree was a totally different experience!!!! Hands on advice, massage and exercises!! I am sold even after my first visit and Curtis is awesome and answered all my questions!"

-Colleen Clare

"Tall Tree was recommended to me by a friend who went there after a work related injury. He said it was by far the best clinic in town. He swears by Tall Tree and after going there for my car accident rehabilitation I swear by it as well. I saw Brad Jawl who provided the best care, compassion, and professional insight I have ever received. He provided a great atmosphere and made sure I felt like I was taken care of. I also saw Jeremy Cote who provided exercises in the gym. Jeremy made the gym fun. He was very enthusiastic and helped me reach my goals by giving me really exciting workout sessions and motivating me past my expectations of what I could do. Jeremy is exceptionally knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and give me a comprehensive plan to reach my other exercise goals. It is always a pleasure to go to Tall Tree because even the receptionist make you feel like family."

-Jordan Sipos