“My husband and I started Physio with Steve Young after a car accident and he has helped us both immensely. We started at another Physio and she wasn’t even close. I can’t stop recommending him...The front staff are top notch and it is a beautiful, modern facility. Happy we found it!”

-Season I., Cordova Bay

Growing up in Victoria, Steve was an active teenager and played a wide variety of sports including soccer, hockey, baseball and rugby. Of course, injuries were an inevitable part of these sports and this is where he first experienced physiotherapy. Here he was immediately drawn to the profession as he found first hand how effective the treatment could be at returning him to sport. Above and beyond feeling better, Steve recognized that physiotherapy was a profession that empowered patients to improve through an active approach to recovery.

Although Steve is well known in the physiotherapy community for his passion regarding continuing education and being up to date on the best research available, he believes that the most important component of his clinical practice is the relationships he builds with his patients. The focus of each session is to listen and understand what each patient wants to achieve, and to then go onto assisting them towards that goal, big or small. His treatments consist of hands on treatment, exercise and education and they’re individualized for each patient. Steve has a special interest treating patients with lower back, neck, and chronic pain.

Steve also has a passion for teaching others! When not working at Tall Tree, Steve is jetting off to other countries to teach continuing education courses to physiotherapists.

Steve received an undergraduate degree from the University of Victoria before attending the McMaster University physiotherapy program in Hamilton, Ontario. He graduated summa cum laude, or in English “With the highest academic distinction” in 1999 before returning to Victoria to work in private practice. He has extensive post graduate education and previously served as CBI Health’s Senior Clinical Educator for seven years. Along with maintaining a full-time musculoskeletal practice, Steve is a regular guest lecturer at the University of British Columbia’s physiotherapy program and is a regular clinical instructor for students from across Canada. He has been published in a number of journals and previously served as Chief Editor for the Orthopaedic Division Review from 2005 to 2007. Steve was recognized for his clinical achievements in 2014 when he was chosen to receive the award for clinical excellence from the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia. Steve also completed a Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy. 

When not working, Steve can be found waking up far too early to ride his bike and spending time with his wife and three busy children.

“I recommended that Russell go to Tall Tree and am so happy that he got to see Steve Young. Russell is a changed person since his appointment last night. He feels validated and on a path to recovery and it shows.”

-Anne Marie C.