Spinal Stenosis

Tall Tree is excited to offer our Spinal Stenosis Program

Why are we offering it?

Lumbar spinal stenosis is typically treated with medications and surgery. Recent research has found physiotherapy alongside certain exercise therapies and education to offer long-term outcomes that are just as good!

Spinal stenosis specialist Victoria, BC

What is it?

A program designed by leading researchers in lumbar spinal stenosis rehabilitation. It includes education, manual (hands-on) therapy, therapeutic exercises, and aerobic training.

The program consists of 15 one-hour sessions at Tall Tree.


•  Weeks 1-6: 2 visits per week.

•  Weeks 7-8: 1 visit per week.

•  Week 12: 1 booster visit

Who is it for?

Typical symptoms of Spinal Stenosis include:

1.  Long-term low back pain that has been getting worse.

2.   Lower extremity tension/weakness/pain.

3.   Pain and difficulty with walking

4.   Sitting is more comfortable than standing.


To see some of the research that inspired this program click here and here.