Nicki is currently finishing a bachelor degree in Biochemistry, with hopes of pursuing a future in the medical field. She's ALSO hoping to pursue some travels, as well as the hobbies she had before studying took over - which include hiking, camping, reading, playing music, and attempting to learn new languages.

Born and raised on the island, with family all over it, Nicki loves every part of this beautiful rock and is always excited to talk about spots to explore, adventure stories, mishaps and everything in between! Attentive and considerate, Nicki enjoys finding new ways to complete tasks (preferably with maximum fun and efficiency!), and is always willing to lend an ear or a hand wherever needed - just be sure to give them back!

Nicki is excited to be learning the ropes and helping out in this exceptionally welcoming healing environment, and looks forward to seeing you arrive and leave with a smile and a laugh!