Monika Johnston-Stewart is the Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at Tall Tree Integrated Health. She is passionate about assisting clients as they work to take a proactive role in their lives. A healthy lifestyle can be joyful, simple, and inspiring, and Monika believes in the power of small, progressive changes to transform a person’s health.

After 18 years of owning a successful interior design business, Monika began studying nutrition and dietary theories while experiencing her own health challenges. During her healing journey, she realized that it wasn’t solely nutrition that led her to getting well again; other factors, such as self-reflection through meditation, nurturing relationships, and making time for physical activity were just as important. Certified with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  Monika is passionate about helping people on their path to optimal health through a holistic approach. Working at Tall Tree resonates with her practice of a multidisciplinary health approach. She enjoys connecting with the patients and—of course—loves the office dogs, Charlie and Obi!

Outside the clinic, she fulfills her most important role as a mother to two lovely daughters.  She enjoys the great outdoors of Canada and prioritize time for hiking, biking, yoga, meditation, camping, skiing and travelling as much as possible.Cooking healthy meals, designing, spending time with good company and entertaining friends and family are other key components which keep the facets of her life in great harmony.


While working with Monika, you will embark on a journey of looking inward for answers to your health challenges. You will take a proactive role in your journey to health, implementing small, progressive lifestyle changes. With the help of Monika and the team at Tall Tree Integrated Health, you will work to become a more whole, healthier version of yourself, one day at a time.

Monika’s approach to health coaching will assist you in finding nutritional balance—and so much more. She will work to address your health needs, food, and nutrition by paying attention to each aspect of your daily life. Career, relationships, spirituality, physical activity, finances, creativity, and joy are all examined as key components of your health journey. Monika believes in catering to your bio-specific needs to pursue optimal health and wellness.


Monika looks forward to accompanying you on your healing journey.