Tall Tree is excited to offer our Knee Osteoarthritis program.

Why are we offering it?

Knee Osteoarthritis is a common condition that often progresses to debilitating one’s ability to participate in daily activities. We know that this condition can be successfully treated especially when addressed early.

Osteoarthritis specilist Victoria, BC

What is it?

A complete knee osteoarthritis program that was custom made to include the large variety of recommended interventions that have been proven by research.

The program consists of 12 1-hour visits to Tall Tree as well as a visit to your home where a therapist will set up and go through your 30-minute daily exercise program.


•  Weeks 1-4: 2 visits per week.

•  Weeks 5-8: 1 visit per week.

•  Week 12: 1 booster visit

•  Week 13: 1 booster visit

Tailored hands on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and movement training make up a large part of the program. Additionally there’s a component of osteoarthritis self-management education and nutritional counseling. Exercise equipment and pain management devices will be given out to ensure participants can be comfortable and successful with their exercises and outcomes.

Who is it for? 

Hallmark symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis include the presence of one or more of these:

1.  Knee pain

2. Grinding noises with knee movement

3. Morning stiffness of the knee

4. Bony enlargement at the knee


For more detailed information on some of the research that informs our care click here, here, and here