“Jeremy made the gym fun. He was very enthusiastic and helped me reach my goals by giving me really exciting workout sessions and motivating me past my expectations of what I could do. Jeremy is exceptionally knowledgeable and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and give me a comprehensive plan to reach my other exercise goals.”

-Jordan S., Victoria BC

Growing up and living in the western community of Metchosin for most of his life, Jeremy Côté is a homegrown product of Vancouver Island. Jeremy attended UVic and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education.

After graduating, Jeremy moved north to balmy Fort St. John, BC for a three-year stint of Kinesiology at MC Rehab. He spent his time working with a variety of patients developing his clinical eye, skills, and experience. Jeremy sought out and pursued an impressive number of continuing education opportunities and has furnished himself with excellent proficiency and stellar skill set as a Kinesiologist.

Professionally, Jeremy is unendingly enthusiastic about learning new approaches and skills to deepen his knowledge around how to help clients along their road to recovery. He performs a variety of assessments and treatments, including Functional Capacity Evaluations, Soft Tissue Release therapy, fitness training, and specific exercise therapy for several conditions and populations. In particular, Jeremy loves helping patients understand the underlying mechanisms behind pain, protection, and how to rise above it. He believes in partnering with patients and motivating them to take their health to new heights. Sharing his knowledge, expertise, and positive approach, Jeremy is an excellent resource for his patients and Tall Tree Integrated Health.

When the workday is finished, Jeremy enjoys an active lifestyle, that usually involves some combination of friends and competition. Living on Vancouver Island is a pleasure never lost to Jeremy, especially now that he’s spent some time in Canada’s northern climbs.