Tall Tree is excited to offer our Hip Osteoarthritis Program.

Why are we offering it?

Hip Osteoarthritis is a painful condition that often progresses to limiting one’s ability to perform daily activities. In many cases a hip replacement becomes necessary.

Clinical research has shown that treating hip osteoarthritis in the early stages can significantly improve symptoms and long term health outcomes.

Osteoarthritis specilist Victoria, BC

What is it?

There has been an astonishing amount of research looking into the best way to treat hip osteoarthritis. We’ve created a program based on this body of literature and we’re lucky enough to have the team required to carry out these ‘best practices’.

The program consists of 15 60 or 90 minute sessions at Tall Tree where patients will receive a wide range of treatments.


•  Weeks 1-4: 2 visits per week.

•  Weeks 5-8: 1 visit per week.

•  Week 16: 1 booster visit

•  Week 17: 1 booster visit

•  Week 24: 1 booster visit

Who is it for?

Hallmark symptoms of hip osteoarthritis include:

1.   Hip pain

2.   Restricted or painful hip movement

3.   Hip stiffness in the morning

Best results occur when symptoms have been present for less than a year; however, our treatment program will benefit all participants with a diagnosis of hip osteoarthritis.


Click here, here, and here to view some of the research that informs this program.