Tall Tree is excited to offer services for individuals with Diabetes.

Tall Tree is a resource centre for individuals diagnosed with Diabetes. We perform assessment and treatment services to put you in control of this condition.

A major complication of diabetes is the increased likelihood of developing a foot or lower leg ulcer. Tall Tree has trained therapists to assess your risk for developing an ulcer, and to perform the annual foot inspections necessary to minimize the risk.

As part of a foot assessment, we provide education around footwear, self-care, exercise, and nutrition to improve your condition.

Diabetes specialist Victoria, BC

We have an excellent referral network to link you to:

•   Eye doctors for diabetes-associated visual disturbances.

•  Diabetic foot-care nurses and aestheticians to address skin and nail issues.

•  Footwear specialists and Orthotists who can provide custom footwear and orthotics.

•  Family physicians who will further advise on management. 

•  Community services and events related to diabetic care. 

Tall Tree offers a variety of treatment options for people with diabetes including exercise therapy and physiotherapy for the variety of complications that often accompany this diagnosis.

Assessment and education sessions take 90-minutes and are based on current ‘best practices’. Click here, here, and here to see the research that guides this program.