Knee Braces Victoria BC

Knee pain is a common condition that affects many of us as we age and/or engage in sport. When it reaches a point where we start noticing it on a daily basis, or it starts affecting our normal activities, it’s time to come in and see if a custom knee brace is a good option for you. Whether these ‘normal activities’ are strenuous like running or sport, or are simply bending down to play with your grandkids or getting up out of a chair, knee pain shouldn’t be a limiting factor to you doing the things that you love to do. Custom knee braces can be a great option for helping with a wide variety of knee problems, particularly for Osteoarthritis and for Post-ACL Injury.  

At Tall Tree, we thoroughly examine your lower extremity (joints, ligaments, and muscles), movement quality, and lifestyle. We assess your gait pattern, range of motion limitations, and strength imbalances. We use specialized equipment to measure your knee proportions and ensure a perfect fit customized to your leg. We find out about the history of your knee problems and what areas of your life are impacted the most. This forms a comprehensive clinical picture that guides us to make the best choices possible for your brace, as well as to formulate a comprehensive plan that will touch on exercises, life habits, diet, and your goals.

Typically, our approach includes individually tailored exercises such as knee mobility, load management, leg strength, coordination, and movement patterns before and while you’re using your brace, in every case tailoring your treatment plan specifically for you.

We supply Donjoy brand braces; the industry leaders in rehabilitation devices. We supply custom knee braces, as well as a variety of ankle, elbow, and arm braces for a variety of conditions.



  • ACL injury/pain
  • MCL injury/pain
  • LCL injury/pain
  • Osteoarthritis pain
  • Patellofemoral syndrome

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