Our Philosophy

Please copy content from Philosophy… the Clinical Excellence, Caring, and Fun stuff.

Our Mission:

To enhance the health and lives of our patients by helping them reach their goals. To provide the highest standard of care. To spark positivity in our communities. To foster a team of exceptional and enthusiastic professionals. To have fun while we do it. To plant a million trees through our Short Sprouts program.

Our Vision:

To be a family of professional colleagues who are endlessly enthusiastic, exceptionally knowledgable, and relentlessly caring about our patients and our work. To be smiling and laughing often. To be improving constantly. To be an inspiring example of better healthcare.

The services we will offer:


Location: 555 Superior Street, James Bay, Victoria.


Parking: street parking and underground parking available.
Booking: we will start taking appointments on January 15, 2020.