Back pain is a really important problem to solve

Up to 80% of people will experience back pain at some time in their life and it's the number one cause of disability worldwide.

Luckily in most cases the pain will go away on its own - but for some, the pain remains. Despite plenty of advances in medical assessment and treatment, medication and injury prevention the rate of persisting back pain is on the rise.  

Traditional approaches have failed to effectively address ongoing back pain - because reasons for pain are complex, and go beyond simplistic explanations.  It’s time to rethink how we treat pain.

Our approach

Naturally, we’ve developed a better way to treat persistent back pain that doesn’t rely on medications, injections, invasive procedures or hundreds of hours of passive treatment.  Our clinicians use up to date research and evidence to inform their treatment. We take an individualized approach that blends aspects of physiotherapy, behavioral psychology and neuroscience.

We believe strongly that pain is not permanent, and the right kind of help is available. Our goal is to help you overcome pain, not just manage it.

Who the program is for

If you have low back pain lasting several weeks or months that's not due to a clear cause (like a fracture or tumor), our program is appropriate for you.

what to expect:

Extended (1 hour) ASSESSMENT 

Comprehensive review with a physiotherapist of all important factors for low back pain.  We'll work with you to decide a treatmet plan and what other services we would recommend.

TREATMENT (45 - 60 minutes)

Treatment is tailored specifically for you to address all necessary areas so that you can get back to sports, work, school and life.  We have multple treatment streams, but all include

  • Phsyiotherapy-based treatment
  • Guided exposure and movement based treatment
  • High qaulity education and training
  • Supervised strength and conditioning
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Other health interventions for sleep, diet, stress and coping skills

Program length will vary depending on your needs, generally between 4-12 weeks.


We aim for our treatments to be clear, fun, engaging, and driven by your interests, goals and values

Our Team

The low back pain program is led by our expert physiotherapists


Depending on your needs, we may recommend you also see clinicians from our extended team

What makes our program special

  • Up-to-date treatment: all of our treatment is based on current evidence and best practices.  

  • One-on-one care: you get direct attention from our clinicians who can support you with a program specific to your needs.

  • Cost effective: get just what you need and one of what you don’t.  Our treatment model is lean and efficient and designed to help you feel better and not break the bank.

  • Access to an integrated team of experts: our clinical team has dedicated time to communicate with each other and deliver a cohesive approach to you.  We have a wide range of other quality practitioners at the clinic to augment your care like massage, naturopathic medicine and counselling.

  • Aftercare: We’ve designed a system to keep in touch after you finish treatment to support you in the future if flare-ups happen.

  • Cutting edge pain science: our clinicians have solid knowledge of current pain science and integrate current research and evidence into their everyday practice.

  • Focussed on what you want to do: we are keen to help you get back to the things that are important in your life  - and not keep you in clinic too long.  All of our treatments are focussed on helping you be more functional.

  • Beautiful location: our clinic is a quiet, calm and pleasant environment.

  • High quality clinicians: our clinical team engages in regular continuing education and are dedicated to improving the education for other clinicians in BC.  We provide training to other therapists through Accelerated Motion Physiotherapy and our physiotherapists are clinical faculty members at UBC.