Hydrotherapy Victoria BC

Water Therapy

Aqua Therapy (aka hydrotherapy) consists of therapeutic exercises performed in the water, typically for the purpose of rehabilitation. An aquatic professional will work with you in the water and guide you through an exercise program specifically designed for you and your needs.

The major benefit of hydrotherapy is that it is minimal- or non-weight bearing; an appealing concept for anyone suffering from a issue where pain and tissue tolerance are limitations to exercising on dry land.

Swimming Exercises

Some of the patients we commonly work with in the water present with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, knee or hip pain, general deconditioning, or with a post-surgical rehab program.

Hydrotherapy at Tall Tree takes place at Panorama Recreation Centre. Aqua therapy and swimming exercises are tailored to each client where rehab, health, and fitness goals are all considered.

The rehab benefits of hydrotherapy are outstanding. But perhaps what is most appealing is how much fun it is to rehab, exercise, and get fit in the water.


We offer direct billing for this service. 

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