Age Well

Tall Tree is excited to offer our Age Well Program.

Why are we offering it?

The signs and symptoms of aging are remarkably reversible. Adjusting your lifestyle, increasing physical activity, making some easy dietary changes, and modifying your home environment can improve just about every aspect of your health.

Whether your goal is to improve your health, maintain wellness, or improve your ability to participate in life we want to work with you to achieve it. 

Age well seniors program 

What is it?

The Age Well Program weaves in many components of health. An assessment starts the process to identify individual needs and risks. A program is then developed to reach your goals. The following features will all be evaluated and improved: fitness, strength, falls-risk, home safety, diet and nutrition, mood, cognition, and underlying medical issues.

You can count on this program to not only improve your health and ability but to also prolong a vibrant, active, and independent lifestyle.  

The program consists of twelve 90-minute visits at Tall Tree and the option of having a 90-minute home-visit where an Occupational Therapist will assess the home environment and facilitate modifications to make things safer and easier.  


•  Weeks 1-4: 2 visits per week.

•  Weeks 5-8: 1 visit per week.

•  Within weeks 3-6: 1 home visit.

Who is it for?

The program is for seniors who want to maintain or improve their health and ability to live active and fulfilling lives.

Participants have a wide variety of goals including:

1.  Improving health and energy.    

2. Participating in hobbies and recreation.

3. Maintaining independence.

4. Decreasing symptoms of chronic health conditions.    


Click here and here to view some of the research that informs this program.